Foods That Cause Constipation

What Are the Foods that Cause Constipation

Constipation is a common problem and I know you want to know the foods that cause constipation, but before we get them, if you are bound up right now try this.

Often Doctors will recommend high fiber supplements, as a long term fix for chronic constipation sufferers. In general, if the supplement is in powder form and involves adding water, it will be gentle on your digestive tract and safe for long term use. But for a quick fix Digest It works well.

These are the foods that cause constipation

  • Heated and cooked protein rich foods such as animal meat, fish, beans (inc’ Soy), grains and some vegetables.
  • All dairy products, including yogurt.
  • Prepared grain products such as bread, pastries, pasta and cakes
  • Health supplements such as iron tablets and calcium tablets
  • Salt, either added or inherited in prepared food (As preservative).

A caveat to this is that if consumed in moderation these foods should not automatically bind you up. The message is moderation; your body will function as it was meant if you don’t overload it with just one type of food. You are what you eat and raw fish isn’t a bad thing.

So what can you substitute for foods that cause constipation?

The research by reputable medical bodies such as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins points to an outcome that will surprise many. We should not avoid these foods altogether, but follow the “all things in moderation” credos and eat less of most foods and regulate our alcohol intake. If you want to substitute cooked meat for raw fish, eggs and avocado with splash of cold pressed olive oil on a 50/50 basis, the research points to you enjoying controlled, regular and satisfying trips to your toilet. It is recommended you eat plenty of fruit (Tomatoes and Cucumber are fruits as well) and eat prior to your protein meals. The fruit will be digested easily and quickly making way for the slower moving proteins. Many oriental medical practitioners recommend that you not consume liquids after a heavy protein meal, but to make sure you load up with water prior to the meal.

Cooking Foods That Cause Constipation

Proteins that are cooked go through a process call denaturation. For example a piece of Tuna turns from deep crimson to pink brown when cooked. This is a visible sign of denaturation. Cooked Tuna protein energy is 94% available for the human body, but raw tuna only has 55-64% of its energy available. The same happens to dairy products like cheese and bean curd products like tofu. The more energy available to more likely a food is to be slowed in the digestive process and cause constipation.

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  1. Help says:

    Top 7 things to do to help prevent constipation:
    Drink plenty of H2O and other non caffeine liquids. Sipping a couple of litres of water and other non caffeine liquids a day should help keep you regular. Sweet sugary drinks are ok in moderation, but should not be carbonated. The exact amount of water and other fluids you should drink each day varies according your age, weight, sex, general health, exercise and activity levels and climate. High indulgence in caffeine drinks can lead to dehydration causing constipation, however many people find a cup of coffee in the morning can facilitate a bowel movement.

    Choose fruit instead of processed foods. Choose lots of natural foods, like fruits, some vegetables and avoid processed foods like pies, pasties, donuts and bread. The medical journals say we should aim to consume 20 to 35 grams of fiber daily. A couple of pears, an apple, some tomatoes and a cucumber salsa will get you there. Experiment to see if particular fruit has a more ptent laxative effect for you than others and save eating that fruit until you need a flush.

    Monitor your Protein intake. Foods that are high in protein tend to bind you up as they progress more slowly than others through your digestive tract. Worse still processed high protein foods like cheese, ham and take away fried food may cause constipation. No need to avoid fat and sugar altogether, but a less is more approach is advised to keep weight under control as well as your bowel movements.

    30 Minutes of exercise every day. Get your heart pumping and stimulate your intestinal function, engage in regular physical exercise, such as walking, gym circuit, cycling or swimming, to help stimulate intestinal function. Getting at least 210 minutes of moderate exercise each week is recommended by many top medical research clinics.

    Heed nature’s call. Don’t ignore the urge to have a bowel movement. If you gotta go, go. Make it a priority. You will find if you eat at regular times you can also promote regular bowel movement times. The longer you delay a movement, the more water is absorbed from your stool in the intestine and a harder stool is more difficult to pass.

    If you are bound up, try fiber supplements. Professional colon cleansing products, such as Digestit, can help keep stools soft and regular. If you take a supplement be sure to drink plenty of water. Some over the counter supplements may actually increase your chances or worsen your constipation if not enough water is present in your digestive tract.

    Stimulant laxatives. Habitual use of stimulant laxatives can damage your digestive tract. For occasional relief of acute constipation any saline laxative that facilitates the drawing of water into the colon to lubricate the stool is good. Speak to your GP about this.

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